Rules & Regulations


Your child is being cared for and educated during his/her most formative years and in order to maintain the high standards of the school, it is important that parents read the following regulations and adhere to them.

Age of Admittance

The nursery admits children from 2 years of age, your child’s birth certificate must be brought in to nursery on your child’s first day for us to photocopy. As we need to keep proof of your child’s date of birth on our records.

Opening Hours

The nursery is open from 8am to 6pm; children cannot be accepted before 8am or left after 6pm.

Parents are asked to adhere to these times, if a child is collected 15 minutes or more after the above times then an extra charge of £20.00 is applied. (Only cash is accepted for a late charge) To be paid to the Manager/Deputy

If any other person than a parent is calling for the child, we must be informed who that person is. Preferably in writing, stating the persons name and relationship to the child. We also like photographs where possible of the people agreed to pick up your child. NO child will be allowed to leave the nursery unless we have this information.

Settling In Procedure

Before starting at Oakfields we offer a settling in time, this is where children are invited to attend a number of sessions. This enables the children to meet the staff and children and experience nursery life. We feel that it is very important, as it is less daunting for the child’s first day as they have already been before. We usually offer four visits, and gradually lengthen the time of each one, but we are flexible to suit the individual needs of each child.


It is important that we are notified if your child is to be absent, this can be done by telephoning us on – 01708438180.

Dates of family holidays taken when the nursery is open should be notified in advance.


Exact dates of holidays are published in a Nursery calendar each year. Full fees are charged for Bank holidays. Holidays taken when the nursery is open must be paid for.


Fees are paid monthly in advance by cheque/cash paid directly to the Manager or Deputy, or bank transfer.

There will be no reduction or refund for any absences. Late payment of fees will be subject to an additional administration charge of £20.00 per month. THE MANAGER HAS AT ALL TIMES THE RIGHT TO SUSPEND, OR REQUEST THE REMOVAL OF, ANY PUPIL WHOSE FEES ARE IN ARREARS and will take any necessary steps to recover the amount outstanding.

A deposit is payable on registration which will be refunded (if the correct notice is given in writing) when your child leaves – This being £100.00 this is a non-refundable registration fee once a place has been offered and accepted.

6 weeks notice is to be given in writing as to when your child will be leaving the nursery, in order for the registration fee to be deducted.

In the event of payment by cheque being returned unpaid by the bank a charge of £20.00 will be incurred.


Any child suffering from an illness should not attend nursery until a doctor has stated that they are well enough.

Any child suffering from sickness or diarrhoea should not return to nursery until 48 hours after or until the symptoms have completely disappeared. Children who are on a course of antibiotics are not to attend nursery until 24 hours after initially taking it.

Should a child become sick at nursery every effort will be made to contact the parents. Please ensure that you indicate where you can be contacted during nursery hours.

Sick children have to be taken home. The Manager reserves the right to remove a child to hospital in an emergency.

Medication can be administered only if it is prescribed by a doctor and a medication form must be filled in and signed daily by parent/carer.

A child entering nursery with a visible injury must have this injury recorded in the visible injury log book, parent/carer to give details to staff and sign the book.

Clothing & Personal Property

Nursery uniform is compulsory; all clothing must be clearly marked with the child’s name. Articles are left at the nursery at the owner’s risk.


Children are NOT to bring jewelry, money, or other valuables to the nursery. Nor are they to bring sweets of any kind. Only stud earrings are to be worn.


Please exercise great care when bringing/collecting your child. The nursery accepts no responsibility for injury to persons and/or damage or loss to vehicles or property.

Limited parking is available; Parents are encouraged to use the side roads where possible. Please do not park in Heath Park Road during rush hours and do not obstruct driveways.

We are concerned for the happiness of your child. If after a reasonable period of time it is clear that he/she has not settled, the Manager may advise that he/she be removed and readmitted at a later date. The Manger reserves the right to remove a child from the nursery for any breach of the regulations and to alter the regulations at any time.

After reading the regulations, would you please complete and return the Enrolment and Agreement forms. If any of the details given on the Enrolment form change, would you please inform the Manager immediately.

At Oakfields we have many policies and procedures that we follow it is important that you are aware of these so that you know how we operate. Below is a list of our policies and a brief outline of what each one means, for a more detailed explanation please see our parent’s policies and procedures file in the hallway (which can be taken home on request)

Nursery Aims & Principles

We aim in our nursery to create a caring environment where each child can reach their full potential and to foster a love of learning that will stay with them throughout their formal years of schooling.

Our aim is to ensure the happiness and wellbeing of all the children in our care. The child is at the centre of decisions about the curriculum, which will reflect and meet all individual child needs.

Our staff are trained and have a good knowledge of child development and our educational philosophy combines the best of Montessori education and modern facilities.

Curriculum Policy

We provide a varied and stimulating curriculum that enables the children to make good progress. Good planning is the key to making their learning effective, exciting, varied and progressive. Each class displays a weekly plan, which will show what the children will be covering for the week ahead. We work on the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and cover all areas of learning and development. Each child will have their own personal learning journey where we record their developments and next steps of learning, please take the time to look at it and add your comments and suggestions.

Health & Safety

Our nursery provides a healthy lifestyle and a high standard of hygiene in its day-to-day work with children and adults. It is the policy of Oakfields to create an environment, and to encourage ways of working which will ensure the safety of the children.

All meals and snacks provided will be nutritious and pay due attention to children’s dietary requirements, religious beliefs and any food allergies.

Children are to be picked up by a known adult, staff are to be informed of any changes which need to be recorded in the staff diary with information such as, the persons name, short description and in some cases a password is given.

An emergency fire drill is carried out at least once a term all drills are recorded to ensure that we regularly review our procedures.

Nursery staff are responsible for the children in their care, they also have a responsibility to work in a way, which will ensure the health and safety of themselves and all other persons they come into contact with.

Equal Opportunities

At Oakfields we believe in the individuality of each child and are committed to helping every child reach his/her full potential.

In discussion with the child’s parent/carer we gain useful knowledge and from our own observations and records we know how each child is developing and at what stage they are at.

Gender, race, culture and nationality are all dealt with in a positive manner; we seek to eliminate all negative discrimination. Our main task is helping all children develop a sense of self-worth and pride in themselves and their abilities.

The children are encouraged to initiate their own activities and make their own choices. They have access to appropriate resources to encourage independence and choice. They are given responsibilities appropriate to their individual stage of development. The accomplishment of these is then an occasion for praise.

We demonstrate a positive attitude to different cultures and encourage people from different ethnic backgrounds to be involved in the life of the nursery.

We emphasise the value of cultural diversity through learning about festivals and celebrations. We collect artifacts and resources from a variety of cultures.

We take special care to avoid negative national and cultural stereotypes of all kinds developing in the minds of young children, these have no place in the wider community to which we all belong.


All children are welcome in our group we recognise the code of practice with regard to Special Educational Needs, and our aim is for every child to reach their full potential in a safe and happy environment.

We aim to work in partnership with parents/carers, by regularly observing and recording the children’s progress to meet their individual needs. This information will be shared with parents/carers.

Our Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator is Miss Bernie she is responsible for providing support for children who have additional needs.

She provides information and support that is available both locally and nationally.

At Oakfields when we have concerns regarding a child we follow certain procedures, we share our concerns between the staff/parents/carers.

We keep a daily diary and do observations, all of which is shared with the parent/carer. We then draw up an Individual Education plan for the child and review when necessary. If required we seek advice from the Area special needs advisor or other professionals.

We have a policy on English as an additional language; we understand and appreciate the difficulties that children face when English is a second language. We aim to help by providing as much one to one time with the child’s keyworker as possible. Obtain information and key words in child’s first language in order for them to be understood and their relevant needs met. And provide activities that encourage the child to understand English.

We will monitor the child’s individual progress and continue to offer differentiated learning opportunities to help them progress.

At Oakfields we are aware of the disability act, our aim is to take reasonable steps to ensure that disabled pupils are not placed at a substantial disadvantage to those who are not disabled.

Each child will be treated individually and changes would be made to suit their needs. Once the child has enrolled at nursery a SEN assessment will be carried out with the SENCO, keyworker, and child’s parent/carer. The SEN assessment will be reviewed termly.

Child Protection Policy

Our main aim is to ensure the happiness and wellbeing of the children in our care. The safeguarding and welfare of every child is paramount. At Oakfields we build up close relationships with the children and Families in our care. Any member of staff who has reason to suspect that a child has been subjected to abuse, or is at risk of abuse, for whatever reason should keep detailed observations and should inform the NCPC. (Nominated Child Protection Co-ordinator) Once a concern has been expressed to the NCPC the referral procedures will be adhered to and staff may be asked to assist in the completion of referral documents.

Our NCPC is Mrs. Lisa

The support and protection of children is the responsibility of all staff, and every service working together. We share key information to other agencies to promote the safety and well being of each child.

In the event of an allegation of abuse being made against a member of staff the manager would interview parent/carer and record all allegations made.

The manager would then contact Haverings Local Safeguarding Children’s Board to inform them of the allegations.

Behaviour Policy

At Oakfields we set high expectations of behaviour through encouraging and praising good behaviour. We encourage children to respect themselves, each other, adults and property. We apply simple rules fairly and consistently. We aim to provide a happy, caring environment with challenging activities. In the case of a particular incident or persistent unacceptable behaviour we always discuss ways forward with parents/carer.

Our behaviour co-ordinator is Mrs Wendy

We can also seek advice from Havering’s behavior support service.

Parental Involvement Policy

Oakfields operates a policy of partnership with parents; we respect and acknowledge the role we all play in the lives of our children.

We aim to involve parents/carers in the nursery as much as possible; parents are welcome to visit at any time. Parents/carers have access to all of their child’s written records, and are encouraged to add their comments and to work with us.

We offer parent/carer sessions should any parents wish to come into the nursery to help out during the day. Parents can choose the day and times they wish to come into help.

Complaints Procedure

Any complaints regarding your child or the curriculum must be initially addressed to the child’s keyworker, who will be pleased to discuss the matter with you.

The few complaints we deal with are quickly and satisfactorily resolved. However, if you are not satisfied with the response you receive; please pass your complaint to the Manager.

We have a complaints log where we record any complaints that we receive

You can also address your complaints to OFSTED if you feel the matter has not been resolved.

Aviation House
125 Kingsway

Procedure When Parents Fail To Collect A Child Or When A Child Goes Missing

In the event of a parent failing to collect their child, and after all emergency contact numbers are tried we would inform the local authority duty social worker of the situation who would then take charge of the matter.

In the event of a child going missing from nursery, or being lost on an outing from nursery, the senior staff member would contact the police immediately.

Notes would need to be taken regarding the circumstances surrounding the disappearance in order to help the police as much as possible with their investigations. The police will then be able to advise the senior staff member about informing the parents/carer of the child and the next steps.

Our Policies and procedures are reviewed on a regular basis.

Oakfields Montessori Nursery located in Romford, Havering, London

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