How Our Work Is Organised


Admission, induction and entry arrangements, including the age of admission and transfer.

Arrangements for admission to Oakfield’s

There is a waiting list for places

Applications for admission are available from the nursery manager, Oakfield’s Montessori Nursery, 27 Heath Park Road, Romford, Essex, RM2 5UB

The nursery is open from 8am until 6pm Monday to Friday, for 48 weeks of the year. The nursery is closed for Easter week, 2 weeks in the summer and Christmas week.


The children in the squirrel’s class (age 3-5) are cared for in the downstairs front classroom, the fox’s class (3-5) are cared for in the front upstairs classroom. The Owls class (2-3) are cared for in the back downstairs classroom and the Hedgehogs class (2-3) are cared for in the back upstairs classroom.

Organisation of classes

The children are organised into classes, the squirrels class and foxes class have 1 adult to 8 children. And the Hedgehogs class has 3 adults to 12 children and the Owls class has 2 adults to 8 children.
All key persons have relevant childcare qualifications.

All classes are supervised at all times by a qualified member of staff. Additional staff members are employed for the purpose to cover staff lunch breaks, absences and courses.

Oakfields Montessori Nursery located in Romford, Havering, London

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